Yard Sale - Olympus BX61 Microscope

Olympus BX61 Microscope

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Olympus BX61 and accessories for sale. Sale includes:

  • Olympus BX61 microscope,
  • 5 objectives (10X, 20X, 50X, 100X; Uplan APO),
  • fluorescence filter cubes for imaging in FITC, TRITC, DAPI modes as well as DICT, DSU and BF.
  • Olympus DSU unit (spinning disk),
  • Hamamatsu Orca-ER camera,
  • BX-UCB U-HSTR2 control box and switch,
  • URFL-T power supply for mercury burner,
  • OLYMPUS U-LH100HGAPO Microscope Light box,
  • Olympus BX-UCB controller,
  • Prior Optiscan controller.

Control via Alienware Aurora 101B computer equipped with slidebook and BX2 interface software. Has been confirmed to be capable of turning on, moving objectives, and opening a live view and collecting a picture of live-view in brightfield mode. Computer included with sale with current software included.

Sale is for item “as-is” shipped from West Lafayette, IN.

See more details regarding microscope here: http://www.olympuslatinoamerica.com/spanish/seg/img/Catalog/BX51_BX61_new_catalog.pdf, and the components here: http://www.olympusamerica.com/seg_section/files/scientific_component_guide.pdf.

Price: $75,000

objectives eyepiece light source Alienware box light box left side
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