Storage and Handling

Storage Suggestions

Many of the products provided by PolySciTech are biodegradable and require careful handling to ensure quality. There is no single storage suggestion, due to the wide scope and breadth of our products.

Product type

Storage Suggestion

Dispersed Nanoparticle products

4-10 °C, protect from light. Do not freeze

Block Copolymers

-20 °C, protect from moisture


-20 °C, protect from moisture


-20 °C, protect from moisture

(certain AI***, AE***)

-20 °C, protect from moisture and thiols

N-hydroxysuccinimide esters
(certain AI***, AE***)

-20 °C, protect from moisture and amines

Fluorescent Conjugates

-20 °C, protect from moisture and light


5 to 20 °C, protect from light and moisture


5 to 20 °C, protect from light and moisture


5 to 20 °C, protect from light and moisture

Fluorescent dyes

Storage temperature specified on label. Protect from light

Aquagel Products

Room temperature storage is fine, protect from physical crushing

It should be noted that these are the optimal conditions for long-term storage.


Allow frozen/refrigerated products to equilibrate to room temperature, preferably in a desiccator cabinet, prior to opening.


**Note that short excursions to higher temperatures during shipping or handling will not significantly affect product quality.  If product is received thawed, refrigerate or freeze as instructed above.

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